2018 Data Update:

We’re pleased to announce that on May 31st we will be releasing our latest Canadian data update for popular products in ENVISION5 CANADA.

Accessing Your Data in ENVISION5

In order to accommodate this update, ENVISION5 will be offline on May 30 between 9:00 PM ET to 11:59 PM ET. To access the updated data in ENVISION5, simply create a new 2018 workspace. We recommend you re-import any customer files to ensure you’re using the most recent Enhanced Postal Code Conversion File and PRIZM5 segment assignments. .

While you will continue to have access to your old workspaces, you will only be able to access the updated data through a 2018 workspace.

For client services or ENVISION5 technical support please email our support team at ENVISIONsupport@environicsanalytics.com or visit community.environicsanalytics.com or call us 1-888-339-3304