Market and Location Insights

SPOTLIGHT is the fast, easy and cost-effective way to get the reliable market information you need—demographics, businesses, consumer spending and finances—right when you need it.

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Powerful, Cost-Effective and Easy to Use

Designed with your business in mind—big or small—SPOTLIGHT focuses on your information needs and the way you work—so you can be productive right from the start.


A user-friendly interface puts you in control, delivering market and location insights on demand.

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Select from a menu of reports and maps about a location or a trade area you create using drive-time, radii, hand-drawn polygons or standard geographic areas like zip codes.

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Buy a single report or a bundle, as a one-time purchase or an annual subscription plan.

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Information at Your Fingertips

In just a few steps, SPOTLIGHT can help you answer many key questions:

  • What’s the right location for my store or business?
  • Where are my competitors located?
  • What are consumers in my trade area like? What are the most common lifestyles?
  • Who are my ideal customers—older homeowners, young families, single urbanites?—and where can I find them?
  • What is the demand for my products or services?
  • Where should I expand operations and where should I consolidate them?